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Solution to an elementary problem posed by T. Tao

In his most recent post, Prof. Tao shared the following elementary discovery: He first discovered this empirically in the course of his research, and then found a short proof. He didn’t share the proof on his blog yet, and instead … Continue reading

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5 Short Proofs of Simplified Stirling’s Approximation

(This post was converted from tex to html using the wonderful free tool “LaTeX¬† to¬†WordPress”. You can find a PDF version in the “Documents” section.) 0. Introduction Stirling’s approximation is the following (somewhat surprising) approximation of the factorial, , using … Continue reading

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First post.

So here I am, starting my own maths blog. In English, in the world wide web, available for anyone interested in maths and sciene and has an internet connection. I am a little bit excited.

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