First post.

So here I am, starting my own maths blog. In English, in the world wide web, available for anyone interested in maths and sciene and has an internet connection.

I am a little bit excited.

The world of blogging is not new to me. To be honest, I already have a maths blog in Hebrew – a forgotten language spoken by mere millions. But I recently understood that science blogs should be definitely written in English.

In my Hebrew blog I write long essays (sometimes it comes to 10,000 words). Here I intend to write shorter posts about things that seem nice to me. It can be an elegant proof, a funny observation or maybe a collection of problems with a common theme. You’ll see.

I will restrict myself mostly to elementary mathematics, but my definition of elementary might be a little different than usual. Alongside topics such as number theory and combinatorics, I hope to discuss some group theory and field theory, and whatever comes my way.

Some of the posts will be in exercise form – the proofs will be broken into several not-to-hard steps so the reader will have to work a little and in the end will feel a sense of acomplishment 🙂

Enjoy, and don’t be afraid to subscribe!



About Ofir Gorodetsky

Graduate student at TAU. Can be contacted at bambaman1 at gmail dot com.
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